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Make Your Own Cleansers

Contributed by: NAPSA

(NAPSA) - More and more people are making a clean break-and spiffing up their homes with the help of homemade cleaning solutions.

Here are some popular household recipes you can make at home for removing stains, scouring pots and pans, deodorizing garbage cans and cleaning carpets:

  • All-purpose solution. Mix one part ammonia with three parts water in a spray bottle. Can be used to clean windows, appliances and countertops.

  • Metal miracles. To scour copper and brass, mix 1/2 cup vinegar and one tablespoon salt.

  • Deodorize. Full-strength pine oil is great for deodorizing garbage cans, and for scrubbing the kitchen and bathroom floor.

  • Not just for baking. Baking soda can be used to remove coffee pot stains and odors, or sprinkle it on carpets before vacuuming for a deep clean.

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