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Frightfully Fun Decorated Desserts

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Frightfully Fun Decorated Desserts
(NAPSA) - A tasteful way to make Halloween more fun than ever for the whole family is with candies and desserts in festive colors and creepy designs. Kids of all ages enjoy decorating the treats. With a little imagination, plus an assortment of Halloween candies in a variety of sizes, licorice whips, rectangular vanilla sandwich cookies, whipped topping, food coloring and black decorating icing, almost any design can be created. Consider these frightfully fun suggestions:

Start by preparing a Jell-O No Bake Dessert according to package instructions. Fruit-topped desserts are not recommended for decorating.

  • Spider Web Design: Using black decorating icing, create spider web.

  • Spider: Use black licorice or black gumdrops as the body and attach 3" segments of black licorice whips as the legs. Eyes can be made from small colored candies and affixed with a dot of the black icing. Or, the body of the spider can be made by cutting a marshmallow in half and placing half (flat side down) on the dessert and icing it with black icing. Use licorice whips as legs and small candies as eyes.

  • Color: A cheesecake can be made more festive by adding a few drops of yellow and red food coloring to the mixture in the bowl for the desired shade of orange.

  • Ghost Design: Drop whipped topping by spoonfuls on top of prepared dessert to create ghosts. Decorate with small candies or any color of decorating icing to create eyes. For orange ghosts, mix a few drops of yellow and red food coloring to the whipped topping for the desired shade of orange. To create marshmallow ghosts, stack two marshmallows and use icing to create eyes.

  • Graveyard Design: Write on assorted rectangular cookies with black decorating icing ("Boo" and "RIP" are favorites) to make tombstones. Press tombstones (standing up) into top of dessert to create graveyard. Place candy corn and candy pumpkins to make a pumpkin patch in the graveyard.

  • Individual "Boo Cups": Prepare dessert in individual cups. Drop whipped topping by spoonfuls onto each individual dessert to create ghosts. Use small candies or any color of decorating icing to create eyes.

  • Additional Suggestions: Press gummy worms or assorted gummy candies into the top of the dessert.

Once you know these tricks for decorating Halloween treats, you and your youngsters can enjoy a holiday party that's "spook-tacular."

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