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Cliff Sheats' Lean Bodies Cookbook

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Stop starving! Start Eating! Turn your body into a Lean Body and never diet again!

  • Eat more - a lot more!
  • and eat more often
  • 5 meals a day!
  • Increase calories to burn bodyfat
  • Stress high quality, lean protein in your diet
  • Reconsider carbohydrates
  • what turns to fat and what doesn't
  • Use special foods and nutritional sense to get your metablolism going.

Lean Bodies - the wildly popular, amazingly effective weight-control approach created by noted nutritionist Cliff Sheats - lets you cut bodyfat by increasing calories. You'll lose weight, build muscle, and gain stamina through balanced eating - and the food is to live for. With a precise nutritional analysis for every recipe, a complete list of pantry basics, and information on spices and seasonings to help you adapt recipes to your taste, this book lets you turn the program into an effective, lifelong eating plan with simple and simply delectable dishes like:

  • Tuna and Potato Fritatta
  • Gingerbread Pancakes
  • Crispy Cornmeal Cod
  • Chicken and Potato Soup Florentine
  • Pink Lemonade Pie

Three 7-week balanced eating programs complete with sample menus, nearly 100 delicious recipes, shopping lists, restaurants nationwide participating in the Lean Bodies program, and charts to map your progress.

"Being healthy and active is more than exercise....Cliff Sheats helps us find this type of balance through his Lean Bodies approach."
- Roger Staubach, former Dallas Cowboy Quarterback

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