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Herbs for the Kitchen - Parsley

Contributed by: Jill Black

Parsley is used to add flavour in cooking, and colour when used as a garnish to meals - and so easy to grow.

Nutritionally this wonderful little herb is rich in Vitamin A,B and C, and a source of iron and calcium. It is useful in aiding digestion and for overcoming bad breath.

For use in the kitchen I like to have two plants growing at any given time.

I keep one in the kitchen to have on hand while the other plant enjoys the sunshine and natural conditions outside. Once a every two weeks I rotate the plants. This allows the plant I have been using to recover.

Parsley can be used in a variety of dishes including soup, fish, egg, chicken, vegetable and cheese and blends well with other herbs for use in stuffing and white sauces. Fish and steak can be served with parsley butter to add both flavour and colour.


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