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What Have You Got To Lose?

Contributed by: NAPSA

(NAPSA) - Americans love to eat and they also love delicious food. So, any plan for eating healthier also has to include foods that taste good.

Prepared Foods magazine notes that Americans are more aware than ever that their eating habits must change. However, "...taste continues to be a primary obstacle to healthy eating-and consumers are less willing than ever to compromise taste for health benefits."

According to Hope Warshaw, registered dietician and author of the Guide to Healthy Restaurant Eating, "The challenge for all of us is to choose healthier foods most of the time, eat less of the foods we choose and get active."

Warshaw suggests a sensible approach to changing eating habits to shave calories and ultimately a few pounds.

  • Set goals to make healthy behavior changes one step at a time.

  • Reflect on your eating habits. What do you do well? What foods lead you astray? Are you a snacker? Do you live on take-out and fast foods? Learn about yourself and where there's room to improve.

  • Set goals. Identify habits you need to change and that are easiest to change first. Set the stage for success.

  • To shave calories, focus on sugars and fats. Pour and sprinkle less sugars. Lighten up on sugar-heavy sweets.

Sweets can still be part of your healthy eating plan, says Warshaw. "Enjoy small servings of the sweets you love a couple of times a week. Then shave calories and carbohydrates without compromising the sweet taste by using a sugar substitute in coffee, tea or cereals, and enjoy foods and drinks sweetened with a sugar substitute."

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