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What Is The Protocol Of A Party Invitation?

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(NC) - Both the host and the guests at a party are obliged to provide specific information in advance of the event. However, many of us are a bit sketchy on invitation etiquette.

With an established niche in social graces, here are some tips from Rémy Red - a red berry and orchard fruit liqueur from the family of Rémy Martin Fine Champagne Cognac - on sending and responding to a party invitation, for both casual and formal occasions. Party Invitations
Etiquette For The Host

  • If using the postal service, send invitations two to three weeks before the event; four to six weeks for out-of-town guests.

  • Double-check all your addresses, including postal codes to avoid delays.

  • If it's a special affair, refrain from computer invitations that look like junk ma)l.

  • Hand-write your envelopes, or use a creative computer font.

  • On formal invitations, use as few abbreviations as possible. Spell everything out.

  • Clearly state how to RSVP.

  • Add personal touches wherever possible, like sealing wax in various colours.

Etiquette For The Guest

  • It is your duty to RSVP whether you are attending or not, unless the invitation asks for "regrets only". If an emergency prevents you from attending after responding in the affirmative, advise your host as soon as possible.

  • All formal invitations should be accepted "with pleasure", or declined "with regrets".

  • It is inappropriate for children to attend a cocktail party unless specifically invited. Never ask to bring your children if an invitation does not suggest it.

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