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Honing In On Knives

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A Cut above are these professional knives made especially for the professional chef or home cook who seeks the classic look of three-rivet-handle styling.

Henckels Eversharp Pro 9 Piece Block Steak Knife Set
(NAPSA) - Carving out a place for quality knives in your kitchen - whether you're a professional chef or someone who simply loves to cook - is a lot easier when you understand some of the features and benefits that give a particular knife good quality. Here are some features of a knife set called the Professional "S" Knife series, and the benefits of each feature according to the experts at Zwilling J.A. Henckels, the leading manufacturer of superior quality knives.

  • SCT - (Sintermetal Component Technology). When a knife is made with this process it uses optimum metal alloys for the three distinctive parts of a knife. As a result the knife is sharper, stays sharper longer and has improved resistance to corrosion and pitting.

  • Fully Visible Tang Construction - this gives a knife the proper balance and great strength.

  • High Carbon No-Stain Steel - prevents staining and rusting.

  • Hand Honed - results in a longer lasting edge.

Remember, when choosing a knife, select one with a comfortable handle and don't use it for any heavier cutting or chopping than it was designed for.

Inadequate knives can take the fun out of cooking. Having to saw through a salmon to make steaks is tiring and unnecessary. That may be why a quality set of knives, such as Henckels' Professional "S" Series has become such a popular lifelong investment with many home chefs. These knives are manufactured with Henckels quality standards to ensure complete balance, performance and style. The knives have also been Ice Hardened by the patented Friodor method, increasing their no-stain properties and giving each knife a higher blade strength.

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