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Do you hate spam and find yourself deleting almost 90% of your email messages? Are your kids receiving inappropriate adult material? NOW YOU CAN FIGHT BACK!

WARNING! Viewing messages in your eMail Program can allow viruses to access your computer! Now you can safely look at any eMail message before accepting it! Click here for more information...

Mailbox Filter Email Filtering Software  

Mailbox Filter Email Filtering Software

Reviewed by Keith D. Godbey of

Dear Friend,

We have never...I repeat, NEVER...done this before.  And we don't even sell it.  BUT...

We were so impressed with our new e-mail filtering software program, we decided to tell our customers about it.  About 2 years ago, our system was infected by a VIRUS.  It was NOT a pretty picture.  Since then, the SPAMand unwanted email has increased to the point of being unbearable. So, we have been diligently searching for a solution.  Finally, I think we have a product that works.

Are you fed up with e-mail overload and virus scares?

If so, you're not alone.  Sifting through all your junk mail, so important e-mail won't get deleted, has become an unwanted pastime.  Not to mention the fear I have of getting a virus from some unsuspecting attachment and crashing my computer.  And no matter what, those "Adult" and "Get Rich Quick" e-mails continue to invade my privacy.

A new software program we have just started using, Mailbox Filter, does the job of getting rid of junk mail while also protecting against viruses (a second layer of protection on top of our Norton Anti-virus). Their simple-to-understand interface is very intuitive and it made getting rid of junk mail a piece-of-cake!

We have no control over e-mail we get.  Even if your e-mail provider offers SPAM control, we still get junk mail. No matter what, I always find myself sifting through all the junk "just in case" there is something important. This is a waste of my time and an outright invasion of privacy.

Their approach is totally different from the 'other' filters out there.  That is why "Mailbox Filter's" patent pending technology is the right solution for e-mail overload.  I'm relieved that finally, there is a program that gives us total control of what e-mail gets into our system.

Here is a sample of the many benefits I found:

  • You get at your important e-mail right away, giving you time for more important things. Mailbox Filter automatically sorts all the junk from your important e-mail.
  • Unlike your normal e-mail display, you can look at any e-mail in a safe environment. You'll never get a self-opening e-mail again. Mailbox Filter prevents e-mail attachments from opening automatically, spreading a virus and crashing your computer.
  • You can unsubscribe to any e-mail list with just a click of a button.  It's a relief to know I won't have to deal with getting my e-mail address removed from lists I never subscribed to!

No other program that I know of has all of these benefits in one powerful, yet simple to use program.

  • It will make your friends and associates feel special when you give them their own e-mail password. It's a great way to elevate any relationship. Mailbox Filter automatically tracks and sorts them for you when they arrive.
  • You don't have to be a computer whiz to use Mailbox Filter.  The simple step-by-step instructions made using the program a snap. It really gave me time for more important things.
  • If someone sends you e-mail that you have not authorized, Mailbox Filter makes sure they don't get filtered out. It's an intelligent filtering system, which seems to spot junk mail almost before it arrives. 
  • Mailbox Filter lets you instantly restrict websites or e-mail addresses from getting into your e-mail system. You don't have to waste time hunting down and reporting some junk mailer. 
  • Mailbox Filter works with e-mail programs such as Outlook and Eudora (POP3 programs). I didn't have to change any settings in my e-mail program. I found it very easy to use. 

Go to any link on this page and get a FREETrial Download of Mailbox Filter:


You won't be sorry you did!  Besides what have you got to lose?  It's FREE to try it for 30 days - the perfect "pilot's" solution.


Keith D. Godbey
Impact Customer Service Department

P.S. This website is pretty cool. You can download a Free "Truth About Viruses" report. This report really gave me the truth about e-mail viruses and how to really prevent them.  This Free report alone is worth the time it takes to visit the site and see for yourself.

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