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Cutting The Carbs

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(NAPSA) - For many, the secret to weight loss success is cutting carbs. The challenge, however, can be getting healthful, satisfying low-carb meals on the table quickly and conveniently. Cookbook author Linda Gassenheimer has some tasty ideas on trimming carbs, losing weight and keeping the pounds off in her new book, More Low-Carb Meals in Minutes.

"Mushrooms are a dieter's best friend!" says Gassenheimer. "They give you great flavor and a satisfying, meaty texture with remarkably few carbs and low fat."

Her new book includes recipes for such low-carb, yet tempting dishes as Sicilian Baked Mushrooms and Sausage, Warm Mushroom Salad, and Mushroom, Turkey and Tarragon Omelet. Every recipe includes helpful hints, shopping lists and nutritional analysis to make staying on your diet easier.

With tasty recipes and a variety of mushrooms on hand, you can minimize carbs while you lose weight, then continue to use her helpful book to keep the weight off-deliciously.

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