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Are French Fries Really French?

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The Evolution Of The French Fry.

(NC) - French fries are the most popular form of potato preparation in North America. While no one is really sure about the origin of French fries, with France and Belgium each claiming that they were the first to deep fry potatoes in the early 1800’s, they remained exclusively a European treat until the turn of the century.

America’s craving for French fries can be traced back to thousands of hungry soldiers who were stationed in Northern France and Belgium during WWI. American servicemen were introduced to the irresistible, thinly-sliced regional potato specialty by the local people and dubbed them French fries, after the French-speaking Belgians who sold them. The servicemen liked the French fries so much they wanted to have them at home as well.1

French fries have come a long way since the 1830’s. The introduction of products such as McCain Superfries, processed using non-hydrogenated oils that are better for managing blood cholesterol levels, are the latest generation of more health conscious fries. This is good news for French fry lovers, since in the last year over 62 million kilograms of frozen French fries were sold to Canadian consumers.

So, next time someone asks you if "You want fries with that?" take a moment to remember the colourful history of the fry and answer, "Yes, Thank you."

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