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Cheap Quickies: Nutritious Suppers The Kids'll Eat

Contributed by: Stephanie Olsen

Kids clamoring? No cash on hand? Nothing in the frig? When you need to put a dinner on the table fast, these recipes are perfect.

Leftovers? Balls!

Get a big pot of salted water boiling.

While that's happening, gather:

  • yesterday's mashed potatoes
  • equal amount of flour
  • egg (optional)

Call in the troops. While they're distracted working the goop into a mass with their (clean?) hands, empty uneaten broccoli and the red kidney beans nobody ever eats into the food processor. Give it a good whiz, then dump a can of spagetti sauce (or some tomato paste, water and Italian spices) and blend.

While you heat the sauce on the stove, have kids mold dough into small balls then DUCK as they're tossed into rapidly boiling water. When balls rise, let them float for a minute, then scoop out on slotted spoon.

Serve balls with sauce (parmesan cheese or sour cream is nice on top), then go lie down for a while.

Easy Pineapple Chili

  • can red kidney beans
  • can tomatoes
  • can tomatoe paste
  • handful barley grains
  • any leftover vegetables
  • can pineapple chunks
  • salt, pepper, chili seasoning to taste

Mix together, heat and serve with a dollop of sour cream on top, and thick slices of fresh bread on the side.

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