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Brimstone Buffalo Wings

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Warning! This recipe is hazardous to those who can't stand spicy hot foods.


  • 1 cup bowl of soy sauce (la choy preferred)
  • 1 cup bowl of lousiana hot sauce
  • 1 quart Crisco or shortening
  • 20 buffalo wings (at least)
  • 2 tsp. cayenne pepper


Heat heat oil, pour soy sauce and hot sauce in seperate bowls.

Clean and dry wings.

Mix cayenne pepper and hot sauce together.

Begin frying wings until light brown, after wings are light brown take them out oil and bathe them in soy sauce 5 to 10 min. until cool.

Return wings back to oil (they will become dark brown very rapidly), after wings are dark brown, take them out and bathe them in hot sauce until cool enough to eat.

Reminder: Don't forget to wipe your nose and eyes. ;oP

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