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Eat Healthy During the Holiday Celebrations

Contributed by: NAPSA

(NAPSA) - Are you anxious about maintaining a healthy diet during the upcoming holiday festivities? The Cancer Research Foundation of America (CRFA) offers a few healthy eating tips for all those special occasions. A well-balanced diet and exercise can reduce your risk of cancer and other health problems!

    Choose leaner cuts of meat and trim the extra fat. Generally, the white meat on turkey is leaner than dark meat. Take the skin off before you eat.

    Substitute cranberries, raisins or apricots for half of the meat for your stuffing.

    Reduce fat in your gravy by making it from low-fat broth rather than meat drippings. Pour the fat off the drippings if you choose to use them for your gravy.

    Help yourself to two or three servings of steamed or baked vegetables, and avoid heavy sauces or butter. Use spices to enhance the flavor. Add a salad as a side dish.

    Serve yourself a smaller portion of dessert, and choose those lower in fat.

    Choose mulled wine or cider in place of eggnog.

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