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10 Tips For Hosting A Spook-tacular Bash

Contributed by: NAPSA

With a little planning, your Halloween can be a ghastly good time for everyone.

(NAPSA)-In terms of decorating, Halloween is the second biggest holiday after Christmas. So there are many ways to mark the ghoulish event-such as a Halloween party, which is sure to scare up fun and memories.

Not sure where to begin? Shake off the cobwebs and follow these tips from Party City, and you'll be the host with the, most.

  1. The devil's in the details. Make a list-of the type of party you want to have, the number of guests, the menu, decorations and more. Once you lay out the details, and the timing that goes with each, your countdown to a howling good time can begin.

  2. Get the party started... with fun invitations. With a grinning pumpkin or a scowling ghost, get your guests excited by setting the tone with a fun, colorful invitation from Party City. Want your guests to wear costumes? Make it clear in the invites.

  3. Create the perfect haunted home. Decorate your home to create an eerie environment. Drape your entryway in black fabric, place fog machines, flaming cauldrons and blacklights around the room and dangle fake cobwebs and bats from the ceiling. One of Party City's most popular items is the animated floating ghost-guaranteed to elicit shrieks as your guests enter.

  4. Take it outdoors. Create an alarming ambience with floodlights set around the backyard. Drape ghosts from tree branches, line the sidewalks and patio with luminaries and place creepy, crawly creatures on outdoor tables and seating.

  5. Set up an "embalming" room. Outfit a room (such as a guest bathroom) with everything guests need to enhance their costumes-makeup, masks, feather wings, wigs, hats, fake blood and other accessories. Don't forget to have extra costumes on hand, just in case.

  6. Do the Monster Mash. Music and scary sounds can set a hair-raising mood. Party City offers a great selection of music mixes and sound effects for the occasion. Set up speakers around the house and outside to spread the chilling cheer.

  7. The sweet spot. Set out a variety of tempting treats around your party, such as gummy worms, bubble gum and chocolate kisses. Or hand out goody bags filled with cookies or brownies. A crowd favorite is the candy bowl with hand, which "grabs" as someone reaches in for a treat.

  8. Let the games begin. Have plenty of activities planned. Have a best costume contest. Bob for apples and carve pumpkins, or play "Pin the Bone on the Skeleton." Party City also points out that Boo Bingo and Bone Bender are always a hit.

  9. Time to feed the monsters. If you're serving food, extend the decorations straight to the table with fun serveware, such as skull goblets and a bone-shaped ladle for the punch bowl.

  10. Play favorites with the favors. Glow necklaces and bracelets, keychains and mini bobble-head monsters make fun parting gifts for your guests.

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