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Fun Table or Basket Decorations

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Fun Table or Basket Decorations
Fun Table or Basket Decorations

Using a stiff cello wrap, cut a 15-inch square. Then cut the square on the diagonal, making two triangles.

With the triangle point on top, wrap the sides making a cone with the two tips of the triangle meeting the top point and making sure the bottom of the cone is closed.

Gently grip the cone in one hand, holding it upright, and fill with 6 ounces of Orange Sherbet, Orange, Tangerine or Cantaloupe flavours. Twist the top closed and tape the seam on the cone.

Tie the top with a bright green bow and use for table and or basket decorations.

You can try a 10 inch square pattern and fill with two ounces of beans to make a 4-inch carrot.

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