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Shower the Bride and Groom With Love and Affection-and Appliances

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Appliances are a great idea for young couples just starting out.

(NAPSA) - If you're under pressure to come up with a gift for the bride and groom-be it for the bridal shower or the wedding itself-why not let off a little steam and see what's cooking with pressure cookers?

A pressure cooker is one of several handy appliances that can really help newlyweds cross the threshold into domesticity. For example, T-Fal's Sensor 2 pressure cookers (in 6.4- and 8-quart models) are manufactured of high-quality, durable 18/10 surgical steel. They are engineered with advanced spring-valve pressure regulators with two pressure settings-one for delicate foods and one for meats and defrosting-plus a quick-release setting for reducing pressure effortlessly and safely in little more than a minute.

Another suggestion to help young marrieds whip their home into shape is a blender. T-Fal's eight-speed Magiclean Blender features a 50-ounce (six-cup) plastic jar with pouring lip. With 400 watts of pureeing power, this model has a durable, multi-functional stainless steel blade designed for heavy-duty tasks, including crushing ice. It also offers a one-touch blade release system for fast, easy cleaning and a safety-locking system to prevent spills and mishaps.

Anyone who knows which side the bread is buttered on knows the value-and usefulness-of a good toaster. T-Fal's Avante line of two- and four-slice toasters even include the latest in convenience features: a bagel function that toasts the inside of a sliced bagel at full power and the outside at reduced heat for the ultimate in even toasting.

Finally, for a new wrinkle in gift-giving, you may want to consider a steam iron. For instance, the Avantis not only features T-Fal's most powerful steam output, but also the all-new Integrated Anti-Scale System. This handy innovation removes damaging lime-scale accumulation-a common problem in most parts of the United States-which is caused by filling the water tank with mineral-saturated "hard water."

To get the bride and groom started with their new appliances, why not include recipes? Try these suggestions that can be made for two-or more. The first is Grand Slam Smoothie, ideal for making a smooth transition into whipping up fruit-filled smoothies in a new blender. The second is Mushroom Risotto, a pressure-free dish that can be quickly cooked up in the pressure cooker.

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