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Hauntingly Good Halloween Fun

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(NAPSA) - With Halloween creeping around the corner, get into the spirit by checking out this mix of fantastic facts and feats found in Guinness World Records 2003.

  • Largest Pumpkin - Gerry Checkon grew a pumpkin that measured 1,131 pounds when weighed at the Pennsylvania Pumpkin Bowl, Altoona, Pa., on October 2, 1999.

  • Most People Wearing Groucho Marx Glasses at One Time - The largest number of people simultaneously wearing Groucho Marx-style glasses, nose and moustache at one location is 522 on an enclosed tennis court in Pittsfield, N.H., on July 14, 2001.

  • Loudest Crowd Scream - On July 5, 1998, at The Party in the Park, Hyde Park, London, Trevor Lewis of CEL Instruments Ltd. measured a scream by the crowd at a volume of 126.3 dBA.

  • World's Smallest Mammal - The bumblebee bat or Kitti's hog-nosed bat (Craseonycteris thonglongyai) has a body no bigger than a large bumblebee. It has a head-body length of only 1.14 to 1.30 inches (29 to 33 mm) and a wingspan of approximately 5.1 to 5.7 inches (130 to 145 mm). It can only be found in the limestone caves of Kwae Noi River in Thailand.

Find these and other amazing facts and achievements in Guinness World Records 2003.

This annual chronicle is a great place to scare up some Halloween-themed facts.

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