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How To Scare Up An Entertaining Halloween Party

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(NAPSA) - With a little planning and creativity, anyone can scare up a great Halloween party.

"Halloween would not be complete without a spooky party. The fall holiday allows a little bit of our devilish side to come out when preparing the festivities," said Gail Davis, owner of Gail Davis & Associates, an event planning company in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. "At what other time of the year can you serve eye of newt soup or see Frankenstein do the Monster Mash dance with a fairy princess? Halloween parties are a time to experiment and let loose with your family and friends."

To help you get started, here are a few tips, tricks and recipes for creating a memorable event that is fun for the whole family.

  • Keep Those Cobwebs. Any good Halloween party should capture the spirit of the holiday, whether it's a spine-tingling haunted house or a masquerade ball. Before you start shopping for the big event, decide what type of party you want to have-casual kookiness or exquisite elegance. You don't have to go overboard with decorations-mood lighting and a few well-placed decorations will set the scene. If you'll be serving food, create a unique table centerpiece in the shape of a ghost or jack-o'-lantern. In addition, try replacing normal lightbulbs throughout the house with red ones to add a spooky feel. Your Halloween party can hardly seem complete without a few strategically placed cobwebs.

  • Mix It Up with The Monster Mash. A little background music will help set a creepy mood. Most music stores carry tapes or CDs of spooky Halloween sounds, such as creaky doors, howling wolves or rattling chains. To give your guests an unexpected fright, hide an extra CD or tape player in the bathroom to play the Halloween sounds. As the night progresses, break out traditional Halloween music to allow your guests to shake their bones and dance. Great Halloween tunes include Thriller and The Monster Mash, as well as music from The Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack.

  • Work Up a Witch's Brew. When planning Halloween party menus, try spicing up your guests' drinks with a bewitching witch's brew. Go to the supermarket's fresh fish counter to purchase some dry ice. Then mix up a punch with a Halloween-colored beverage in a large bowl. Sunkist Orange Soda, A&W Root Beer and Welch's Grape Soda all work well because of their orange, brown and purple colors. Take the punch bowl and place it inside a larger container. Then add dry ice to the large container. This allows you to create that delightful creeping mist without putting the dry ice directly into the punch, which can be dangerous. When you're ready to create some magic, simply pour hot water over the dry ice in the outer container. It's important to be careful when handling dry ice. Always wear gloves and use tongs to avoid burning your hands. It's also best to use dry ice only in well-ventilated areas.

  • Scare Up Some Fun. Guests will go batty for party games, so be sure to have a variety of team and age-appropriate activities. Challenge your friends to create their own scary or humorous video in the style of The Blair Witch Project, and then watch them during your very own film festival. Also, with the fun music you'll be playing, be sure to incorporate a game of "Scared Stiff." The game is similar to musical chairs, but instead of sitting down when the music stops, players must freeze. The first person to move is eliminated and the game continues until only one "warm body" remains. Finally, don't forget to include classic activities such as bobbing for apples and telling ghost stories.

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