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Easy-Terrific Truffles

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Fantastic No-Fuss Truffles Made Right at Home (NAPSA) - Delicious handmade chocolate truffles can be easily prepared with only five fresh ingredients and a few kitchen tools.
Easy-Terrific Truffles

The secret to hassle-free truffles is quick-melting chocolate. Dolci Frutta chocolate wafers, found in grocer's produce section, melt to a smooth consistency after just minutes in your microwave. Stirring at 30-second intervals is a must for melting this and other good chocolates.

Probably the most famous of all chocolates, the truffle gets its melt-in-your-mouth reputation from its fine chocolate exterior and delectable ganache middle. A simple mixture of cream, melted chocolate and your favorite flavoring, such as Cognac or Madagascar vanilla, sets the stage for the scrumptious center. As with all baking, high-quality ingredients are key to creating fine ganache.

From start to finish, you can master the art of truffle making in less than one hour when using chocolate wafers made for melting in the microwave. Allow for more time if you opt to cut or shave a block of chocolate and melt the pieces in a saucepan. The beauty of using microwaveable chocolate wafers for truffle making is that liquid makes it solidify quickly. So, get ready to stir after adding the cream and liquid flavoring to your bowl of melted chocolate. Once smooth and fudge-like, the ganache is ready for chilling in the refrigerator.

Fifteen minutes is about all you need to wait before rolling it into small balls. Don't worry about forming flawless balls. They'll be rolled in sifted baking cocoa before their final dip in melted chocolate.

For a delicious mellow taste, ganache balls can be rolled in Saco Foods' Premium Cocoa, one of the few powdered baking cocoas to use a natural Dutch-process to reduce cocoa's acidity, making your truffles even more pleasing to the palate.

Whether time-pressed or talent-shy, impressing guests or simply treating yourself to hand-made truffles is a luxury you can afford.


  • 1 container Dolci Frutta or 8 oz. quality chocolate, chopped
  • 2 Tbsp. heavy cream
  • 1 tsp. butter
  • 1 tsp. liqueur or other flavoring


Melt half of a container of Dolci Frutta following package directions. Stir in cream, butter and flavoring. The mixture will thicken immediately. Stir until well mixed.* Cool in refrigerator until chilled. Scoop with melon baller or teaspoon. With slightly moistened hands, roll quickly into small balls. Set aside on waxed paper and re-chill to harden. Meanwhile, melt remaining Dolci Frutta in clean, dry bowl following package directions. Roll balls in sifted baking cocoa, shaking off excess. Using toothpick, dip balls quickly into melted Dolci Frutta. Set aside to cool on waxed paper.

*Up to 2 tablespoons of ground nuts or chopped fruit can be added if desired.

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